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Recent press coverage and announcements...

July 27, 2004
Developers Enthusiastically Embrace the IT "Declaration of Independence" Sponsored by The Open Group
July 20, 2004
IT "Declaration of Independence" Sponsored by The Open Group
June 1, 2004
IEEE and The Open Group Okay ‘FreeBSD Project’ to Incorporate Material from the POSIX® Standard
January 21, 2004
IEEE and The Open Group Okay ‘Linux Manual Pages Project’ to Incorporate Material from the POSIX® Standard
17 December 2003
UNIX® recognized as UK Business Superbrand
3 November 2003
IEEE and The Open Group Launch POSIX® Certification Program

International Approval of the Joint revision to POSIX and the Single UNIX Specification
November 2002

The Open Group to Define Next-Stage Requirements of UNIX® Certification Program
July 2002

The Open Group announces completion of the joint revision to POSIX and the Single UNIX Specification
January 30 2002

The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6 Approved as IEEE Std 1003.1-2001
December 6 2001

New UNIX 98 Registrations for IBM
December 2001

The Open Group approves the Austin Gtroup Specications as the core for the Single UNIX Specification Version 3
September 12 2001

Bulls first UNIX 98 Registrations
September 2001

Compaq's first UNIX 98 Registrations
July 16 2001

IBM Delivers first UNIX 98 Server branded product
December 18 2000

The Open Group releases new source book - The UNIX® System Today
July 28 2000

Compaq Delivers new UNIX branded products
August 12 1999

The Open Group and the IEEE to develop joint revision of POSIX and The Single UNIX Specification
July 17 1999

First Draft of Revised UNIX Specifications made available
June 1 1999

Leading Suppliers Launch Effort to Publish Guidelines for UNIX System Development on Intel-Base Servers

The Open Brand goes from Strength to Strength
May 7 1999

Unix Inventors win Technology Medal
December 1998, EE Times

Unix back in the fight with NT
October 1998, San Jose Mercury

Unix Growth Still Outpaces Win NT
October 1998, CMP

ABC switches to Sun SAP environment:
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has successfully migrated its SAP development platform from NT to Solaris, running on Sun boxes

Sun Microsystems Australia, On#Sun, vol. 5 issue 2, September 1998.

Systems Vendors Choose 64-Bit Unix
By Ellis Booker
June 01, 1998, Internet Week

Unix 98 OS Arrives With Much Fanfare
By Ellis Booker
Copyright (c) 1998 CMP Media Inc.

UniForum Hosts an Historic Meeting of the Minds between Linux Advocates and Unix Branding Organization - May 29 1998

Vendors push Unix Unity - May 25 1998

The Open Group announce the availability of the first UNIX 98 systems - May 20 1998

UNIX 98 Launched ! - May 20 1998

UNIX: The Next Generation -- Activity Surges In Preparation For 64-Bit Intel Processors - Information Week.

Unix And the Internet: A Match Made To Last -- The Net leads a long list of technologies where Unix continues as a key player

The new Unix alters Nt's orbit - NC World.

White Paper Notes Nt Competition, Advocates Open Systems -- Unix group wants one standard - TechWeb News

Intel backs Unix in the big league - Computer Weekly 12 March 1998.

MKS Selected by Microsoft to supply key services for UNIX add-on pack

The Open Group announces the UNIX 98 Server Product Standard

Putting Unix in All the Right Places: The reports of Unix's death are greatly exaggerated.
by John Montgomery, Byte, January 1998.

Unix targets mission-critical operations - Federal Computer Week

Microsoft corp.'s Windows NTŪ isn't in the same league as UNIX Systems

UNIX Systems grow at the high end.

UNIX Systems continue to outperform Windows NT

IBM RS/6000 Technology explores new worlds

The Open Group announce the Online Single UNIX Specification

The Open Group announce the Single UNIX Specification, Version 2

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