The Open Brand goes from Strength to Strength

MENLO PARK, CA (May 7, 1999) The Open Group today announced new registered products as follows:

The Open Brand program continues to go from strength to strength, Recent registrations include:-


The Open Group has been the custodian of the specification for the UNIX system and the trademark since 1993. The effort that led to this transfer was the catalyst for all vendors to make their systems conform to this single definition, a goal that had been elusive in previous harmonization efforts. Today all the major vendors support the Single UNIX Specification and have registered product. For information on registered products see

For more information on the UNIX system and the UNIX brand program see the official UNIX system web site at


The Open Group is committed to delivering greater business efficiency by bringing together buyers and suppliers of information systems to lower the cost and risks associated with integrating new technology across the enterprise.  The Open Group, a vender and technology-neutral consortium, ensures that multi-vendor information technology matches the demands and needs of customers.  This is achieved through the development and deployment of frameworks, polices, best practices and standards in pursuit of the group’s IT DialTone vision --- the concept of making all technology as open and accessible as using a telephone.

By leveraging the expertise of its sponsors – Compaq (NSYE: CPQ), Fujitsu, HP (NYSE: HWP), Hitachi (TSE:6501), IBM (NYSE: IBM), NCR (NYSE: NCR), Siemens, Sun (NASDAQ: SUNW) - and other members comprising leading software companies, Fortune 500 users and government departments, The Open Group is well on its way to achieving the DialTone vision. Embracing the maxim: "we can do so much more together than alone", The Open Group is helping its members to stay ahead in the race to use technology to gain competitive advantage.  Additional information about The Open Group is available at the consortium’s web site at


Note to editors: UNIX is a registered trademark and IT DialTone and The Open Group are trademarks of The Open Group in the US and other countries. All other products or company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners.