The UNIX® System Today
A collection of papers on the current State-of-the-Art of the UNIX System .

Please note we have extended the deadline for papers - In particular we are looking for papers on Samba, User interfaces and Linux.

This is a call for papers. The Open Group is preparing a new Source Book covering the current state of the art of the UNIX System, and is looking for authors to submit papers for inclusion in the book.

If you would like to submit a technical paper or a discussion paper, describing some aspect of the current state of the art for the UNIX System (a technical feature, or an implementation experience or application usage, or current industry trends ) and can give permission for The Open Group to publish the work (a non exclusive copyright) please read on.

The submission should be more than 1500 words, and less than 6000. Possible topics are:

The book will also include a CD-ROM. Submissions are welcome for the CD-ROM which follow the ISO 9660 format. Minimally the CD-ROM will contain Version 2 of the Single UNIX Specification, the X11R6 specifications, the Motif and CDE specifications, the X11R6.4 sample implementation, and a set of PDF reader software.

Submissions should be sent to, the preferred format is ascii text, or html (RTF is also acceptable).